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Learn to confidently pick your niche and communicate your message clearly to your ideal client. Don’t know how to get over your fear of being seen? You’ll learn that too!

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Working with Alexandra has been an immensely positive opportunity. She really listens, and offered me new perspectives that help me see key topics differently. Just what I need to get out of any stalemate. Such a comfortable environment that allows you to move easily towards what you want. ?¡Totally recommend her!!”

– Ana

Get Clear and Get Clients

Pick your niche with confidence, without hesitation, and stop sabotaging your progress and feeding your self-doubt. I invite you to own your story and share it freely without hesitation or fear of being seen.


Alex Pinegger

  • Imagine you are in a fancy restaurant with an even more fancy wine list. How do you pick the right wine for the meal - Well, you ask me :-) I paired wine with food. Now, I will help you to pair yourself with your perfect client.

  • Potentially unsexy how I get into flow but super helpful for you: Deconstructing processes and putting them back together in smart ways is my jam. This allows you to focus on yourself, and I'll take care of mapping out your steps.

  • Healing work has helped me to stop overanalyzing and find comfort in trusting my gut to make decisions. My analytical skills love to mingle with my playful and wise inner being. Whether you are a healer needing more structure or an excel sheet lover trying to get intuition into a graph - I get you.

  •  I love to eat and cook, do sports and recently started to like cats.


    Screw your Inner Critic

    Who needs a nagger as an advisor. You should do this, and you should not do that, yada yada yada. You know which food you like best, no matter how extensive the buffet is. There is just something about the smell, the taste of your favorite food, the "I-am-so-happy-right now" moment when you close your eyes and enjoy the flavors. You will always find it.

    Let's continue with food. For every wine, there is an ideal dish, and for every dish, there is an ideal wine. That is how I think about clients and businesses. Every business and every client has a PERFECT PAIRING, and as long as you can figure out your preferences, you can create a perfect pairing and make each other even better. On the other hand, if you approach the buffet, wanting ALL of it, piling up as you go.  None can shine. Wanting to put the entire buffet on your plate pushes the moment of unique flavor heaven far, far away.

    There's no need for you to become someone else that you are not. Nor to force yourself in front of a camera to make videos. With my program, you focus on YOURSELF FIRST. Everything you put out there aligns with you and will bring joy to you and your ideal clients. You will raise your vibration with inspired action. "action" and Law of Attr-action go together. Your inspired action will attract your ideal clients. I invite you to look forward to enjoying sharing your story because it feels good to do it. Visibility doesn't have to be scary.

    Each module is crafted in a way that’s easy to understand regardless of your experience, and to get you results as fast as possible. You will walk away confident, knowing your niche, how to message your ideal client and eliminate blocks along the way.

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    Picture this:

    It's content creation day

    Exciting! I know. Staring at a blank page with your hands in your hair, feeling like a mad cartoon character from Disney. Nope! That is not what I am talking about. 

    This IS what I am talking about: You open the Laptop scan your content pipeline in a google doc, Evernote or Post-its and get to work. Yep, you sit down, and write. Easy peasy. All done without worry panic or frustration. While you are at it, enroll your next ideal client since it is just a joy to hang out with them.

    And you love it

    The CoCo Niche method

    Phase 1

    Core Collect

    It's all about becoming crystal clear who you you want to serve and why. Go deep within to reconnect and focus.

    Phase 2

    Course Correct

    Write your working title and validate through research and interviews. You won't be guessing who they are. You will know them.

    Phase 3

    Client Connect

    You'll leave uninspired copy-paste frenzies behind. You write personalized and unique messages that hit home for your ideal clients.

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    The CoCo Niche Method

    Join today The Coco Niche Method, to identify your ideal client, know how to talk to them and get rid of all the limiting beliefs along the way.

  • The CoCo Niche Method: 9 modules full of content, guides, PDFs, and assignments for you to become super confident and clear on your ideal client in no time.

  • Facebook Group Access: Join our intimate Group with like-minded people where you will be able to connect with awesome people like you. 

  • Pre-Made Templates and structures: I'll take all the guessing work out and give you easy-to-implement action steps. All for you to re-use and make them your own.

  • Beliefwork: You will learn how to uncover and release your limiting beliefs. Also join the weekly live group sessions to progress and enroll clients even faster.

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    Some Love

    Structures and Strategies guide your inspired action

    Combine it with beliefwork and it will take your actions to the next level. After each block you release, you will experience lightness and comfort like you have a warm, soft cashmere scarf around your shoulders that makes you feel save while you explore your new confidence and freedom.

    I have no words to thank you enough. I absolutely loved being coached by Alex! She is so intuitive and very adept at creating a compassionate space for communication. Alex pushed me to view my inner and outer worlds in new ways, better ways, and in healing ways. Alex has a golden spirit which shines through immediately! I believe it’s one facet of her coaching superpower!

    Ed Kirkpatrick

    To work with Alex has been life changing. She is kind and understanding. She can get you unstuck and moving forward again like no one else I’ve worked with. After working with Alex, I have new ideas, new energy, and newly found confidence in myself. There were times when Alex helped my calm my anxiety and brought me back from the brink of breakdown. And there were times where she helped me map out a new and productive launch plan or product strategy.

    I highly recommend working with Alex.


    Alexandra is just AWESOME! I'm very happy I found her because her knowledge and intuition, combined with genuine kindness, really make a difference. Thanks to her careful listening and targeted questions I experienced big positive changes in my situation already after the first meeting. And, also important, talking to her feels like talking to a caring friend. Absolutely recommended!


    I fully appreciate Alex’s blend of professionalism, clarity, and gentleness. Her approach seemed to be a blend of modern psychology and shamanism. Between the illuminating discussion and relieving meditation, she truly helped move and remove some old blocks. An absolutely caring and focused care provider. I’d recommend working with her!





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