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Your vision is grande - I'm your sparring partner.

You want to stop pushing through. Do it by focusing on your flow. Stop to be all over the place and enjoy the focus and speed of your implementation. Using the power of strategic workshops. By setting clear goals and clearing fears that hold you back you tap into your natural path into flow. Launch with effortless flow and experience that this is exactly your style. Now offered with additional healing to get into flow fast.

I reached a point where I just cannot and don´t want to be feeling stuck anymore. I knew I could achieve and have more out of life, but I was at a stalemate. Moving in any direction seemed difficult, I was sick and tired of sabotaging myself. Now I have a clear vision in my head where I want to be and who I want to become.



1year 1k

 Navigating solo 

> Unlimited Laser Coaching
  • Reach out whenever your previous step is completed and you are ready for your next step.

  • > Onboarding Call
  • We will map out your route and define milestone

  • Get you up to speed

  • > Supporting Materials
  • You will get the supporting material as videos, written or audio all made available on a plattform

  • Let's get going



    All the supporting materials from 1year 1k plus wholesome coaching and healing to get your biz out there.

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    > Coaching & Healing
  • 12* 60-80min. sessions

  • Weekly choice between coaching or healing sessions

  • Understand where you don't allow yourself to thrive; see your potential

  • Stop what slows you down; gain momentum 

  • Access your flow; 5X your productivity

  • Overcome self-sabotage; confidently do what pleases your genius

  • > Workshop Option
  • Sometimes you don't want to stop at strategy. Workshops offer uninteruppted time to actually get stuff done. And procrastinating or staying stuck is no longer an option

  • Or use that time deep dive and clearing into the beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Workshop Option: 

    Swap 2 Sessions for a workshop (2-3hrs) including prep-work via e-Mail and summary afterwards

  • Kick off workshop 50% off (Swap 1 Session for the kick off workshop)

  • > Wealth Dynamics Package
  • Package Valued at $397

  • Avoid overwhelm by this new information; you implement fast

  • Identify your immediate steps on your natural path to flow; get started now

  • Understand how the new insights explain your old habits; connect with yourself

  • See new ways to run your business; aligned with you

  • Know what people you need on your team; bring your business into flow

  • Token for test; It opens the door to access ease. Use it.

  • Detailed Wealth Dynamics Report; you have a roadmap to grow the ease and flow of your journey, focusing on your strengths.

  • 1 Debrief Session 30-45min. Gain a deeper understanding on how you can use your profile to your advantage

  • 1 Intentions Call to reassess where you'll focus your 5x productivity that comes with flow

  • Make me unstoppable with Focus and Flow



    The VIP Swiss Army Knife gives you structure and keeps you focused on your success all year round.

    > Kick-off meeting
  • Get crystal clear about the mission of this year.

  • Create a high-level roadmap to revisit during the first workshop

  • > Coaching & Healing
  • total of 24* 60-80min. (2/month)

  • Full Swapp-ability (Coaching, Healing, Copy (About me Page, Pricing Page))

  • Understand where you don't allow yourself to thrive; see your potential

  • Stop what slows you down; gain momentum 

  • Access your flow; 5X your productivity

  • Overcome self-sabotage; confidently do what pleases your genius

  • > Wealth Dynamics Package
  • Token

  • Report

  • Debrief

  • Intentions Call

  • > 4 Added Workshops
  • 4 Quartely Workshops (including prepwork via E-Mail and Summary afterwards.

  • Get unstuck

  • Set goals

  • Make decisions

  • Get projects done

  • > BONUS: Acces
  • Access to all future courses and group coachings

  • I want the VIP Swiss Army Knife


    The sessions I’ve had with Alex have been life changing. Not only is she kind and understanding she can get you unstuck and moving forward again like no one else I’ve worked with. After sessions with Alex, I have new ideas, new energy, and newly found confidence in myself. There were times when Alex helped me calm my anxiety and brought me back from the brink of breakdown. And there were sessions where she helped me map out a new product launch plan or product strategy. I highly recommend working with Alex.



    Alex's combination of pragmatism and idealism reflects her multi-faceted personality, methods, and experience - all of which she brings to the table when guiding you to a better understanding of yourself and your genius. She holds space for you to explore and experience the ins and outs of not only practicing your genius and putting it to work to your advantage, but owning it. Alex has a way of knowing exactly what you need in the moment, whether it be a different perspective a story, analogy, or visualization exercise to help tie everything together. Your time together will be full of revelations, aha moments, and epiphanies.


    Workshop Strategist

    I believe everybody deserves to be flow

    After losing patches of hair and suffering debilitating migraines living on the fast track wasn't an option anymore. It felt like someone pushed a pause button.

    So, I accepted "defeat" and allowed myself to heal. With my migraine gone, my hair has grown back. I felt energized, and happy again. I'm attracting inspiring people and am excited to create my future. Flow saved me.

    Now, I want to introduce flow and strategy to other hustling coaches. Life should feel good to you. You are supposed to be happy and have a perfect time.

    Healings, Workshops & Business Development

    > What if I’m worried the WD test came out wrong, or my profile  changes over time?

    Your Wealth Dynamics profile result is based on the questions you answered. If you’re worried you are another profile, then focus at that game instead. The most important thing is that you choose one game and stick to it. Those who keep switching games will always be uncertain which game to commit to, which is why they never make it into the big leagues in any of them.

    > Can I use my Wealth Dynamics profile as a reason for my faults?

    Every football player in a match takes ownership of their position, but all take responsibility for winning the game. When you know what you aren’t so good at, you can still take responsibility for those areas by having others help you or putting a system in place to minimize your failures.

    > How do I get into flow if everyone around me is in chaos?

    A river doesn’t wait for the rocks to leave before the water flows. In fact, you’ll find more rocks in rivers than most other places. You can step into your flow regardless of the reaction of those around you, and you will soon find others who are playing the same game being attracted to you.

    > When do you suggest a healing session?

    Whenever you feel stuck and you recognize the same sabotaging behaviors again and again. Very common are fears that hold you back. These fears can lead to procrastination, overthinking and going MIA. Perfectionism sounds sometimes great but while building a business action trumps perfection. Healings are a great way to gently remove these blocks and unleash your full potential. Invite flow. Paired with Business Development Tool Wealth Dynamics you will know the easiest ways to get into flow and with healing we can speed up the process of fully owning your profile and tapping into flow.

    > What will we do during the workshops?

    That totally depends on the challenge you want to overcome or project you want to plan, get done. Workshops are great to gain clarity and craft a clear execution plan or just get the job done. You can Plan the next quarter or year. Write a draft of your Pricing page, or about me page, Map out your launch or do a fear busting immersion. I will recommend you approaches, possible topics and packages and you decide which way you want to go. 

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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