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Calling all ambitious new life coaches and healers fed up with frustration and overwhelm

Don’t pull out your hair because you can't, for the love of crunchy chocolate cookies, say what keeps your ideal client awake at night.

Experience the thrill of clarity and finally get your ideal Avatar mapped out. NOW


Here's what you'll learn


The three best places to do research your Avatar --- (and the fastes ways to document your findings, so that ....)


How to use keyword search to find out how they are looking for your solution--- (and three dead easy solutions to destroying that wall.


The 31 most important questions that you need to be able to answer about your ideal client--- (and have it in a super handy dandy PDF so it is all in one place.


That an avatar is not only described by age, gender, and relationship status  - not even half of what you need --- (and how to uncover their fears, desires and expectations)


How to find out topics sure to hook your avatar, based on data what they are searching for --- (and generate a years worth of content prompts from it)

Hi I'm Alex, transformational breakthrough coach and systems nut, AND I would like

to ask...

Are you tired of admitting that you are still figuring out your ideal customer. That you are avoiding to post on Fb or film for Youtube because you just don't know what would make sense and attact your ideal client.

I know I was ...

Finding and describing your ideal customer, 


  • The Avatar research is DONE! You know what keeps your ideal client awake at night and have it written out nicely in a PDF, so it is easily accessible

  • You feel accomplished for having completed the heavy lifting, and now set a foundation to generate content from

  • You are visible online. You will attract the perfect clients that are seeking your help, the help of an authority