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I'm so glad you are here!

When did we actually write a mail to each other? 

Everything has gotten so fast and we do so much over messenger, but since this is a bit easier to read in the mail, I thought I skip the messenger.Maybe you know me from one of the courses we have taken together, Precision Nutrition, PLF, Eat Train Win, Video 4 X effect, Theta Healing, Speak to inspire. 

Oh gosh, there were so many...

It could also be that we already had a session together :-)Or maybe you joined my Facebook group when I was still focusing on nutrition coaching and we all wanted to create Challenges.

That might have been a few years ago. So much has happened since then.

I pivoted into the mindset work since I experienced so much frustration with my own mindset and self-sabotage. 

I found myself procrastinating like crazing making myself believe I was preparing myself thoroughly ... 

The truth is, I just stayed in my comfort zone far away from progress ... Actually really sabotaging myself.

Anyhow, I am happily and successfully doing my corporate job while building my coaching business AND I discovered a way to fill this stage with more fun, success, and ease. 

I learned 2 more methods (additionally to Precision Nutrition L1&L2, Motivational Interviewing, Change Management) on how to change limiting beliefs, perspectives that don't serve us anymore. 

These beliefs keep us stuck right where we are.

Getting rid of or releasing these beliefs that are actually holding us back showed to be a MASSIVE relief from the frustration the self-sabotaging and procrastination were causing.

Feeling like an imposter suddenly wasn't an issue anymore.I’ve gotten crystal clear in my coaching business and it feels so good to know that I’m on the right path. 

Now, focusing on 1:1 coaching personalized and crafted exactly for the person who wants to feel happy, successful, and free with their own business, by overcoming doubts, fears and hesitations.

My focus is to gain even more expertise in the method as a Freedom Formula Facilitator. 

So far I did grow from junior to "regular" and now my next goal is to reach Senior and then Master level.

To reach that goal I need 50 more sessions done.

That is why I’ve set a goal to give away 52 free coaching sessions in *gasp* 52 days. 

If I’m being honest, it feels a biiiit daunting. But hey we all need a good challenge here and there.

For FREE because that way,

I will get the 50 sessions in faster, and

because asking you for help will expose me to different amazing people with different exciting stories.Here’s where you come in… 

I’m writing to ask you to help me meet my challenge. 

Can you think of 2-3 people whom you feel could really benefit from a coaching session with me? 

And if you can, how open would you be to sharing an invite to a free session with them? 

I’m really good at helping freedom-seeking overthinking control freaks and new coaches overcome their fears. 

Maybe you know friends or other people

That are capable of so much more than they see for themselves.They might stand in their own way because they think they have to learn only one more thing AND THEN they are prepared. Maybe they have shared with you that they are frustrated and feel like they are in a mental tailspin.

Or maybe they need help to get started with their own healthy habits, 

To drink more water, Sleep more, or Be consistent with their stretching regime in the morning.

You know they are super cool people but somehow stand in their own way.

So, if you know anyone who you think you could help out by connecting them with me and

you’re open to sharing a free session invite with them, 

please let me know and I’ll send you some easy cut-and-paste language you can forward along. 

Or maybe you are interested in a session with me yourself? :-)

The next steps are really simple:

1.  Reply to this mail with "yes, I would love to help", "sure", "yup" ... etc.

2. Receive the 2nd mail with a letter to forward (including a link)

3. Forward the mail to your friends who will benefit from a coaching session

When your friends click the link in the Mail they receive from you it will lead them to a page where I will introduce myself and ask for their mail so that they can book an appointment.

You don't have to send me their details, they decide for themselves if they want to book the session :-)

And, of course, if you’re not into it, no sweat. Please just let me know that too. 

Thank you so much for your help, {{client.firstName}}! 


Overcome Procrastination and Frustration so that you

Feel Free and Accomplished right now!


Stop procrastinating and start doing want you know is good for you! The FTE Kaleidoscope is a unique blend of mindset and implementation strategies that frees successful professionals from frustration and avoidance. In this exceptional coaching program we go deep to your core beliefs in the subconscious to release doubts and fears. You gain momentum by focusing on how you feel, think and energize.


Let's find out your dominant negative emotion (DNE).

The dominant negative emotion (DNE) is often woven into various areas of your life, friends and family, work and finances, so it is a good thing to find it and let it go to bring relief and lightness to you.

If this sounds like something you want to experience I invite you to book a Free Gift call with me :-)

Yes, I want to bust my fears and know exactly what is holding me back!

Take me to the FREE session

What others say . . .

''The sessions I’ve had with Alex have been life changing. Not only is she kind and understanding she can get you unstuck and moving forward again like no one else I’ve worked with. After sessions with Alex, I have new ideas, new energy, and newly found confidence in myself. There were times when Alex helped my calm my anxiety and brought me back from the brink of breakdown. And there were sessions where she helped me map out a new and productive launch plan or product strategy. I highly recommend working with Alex.''

– Aino

''I absolutely loved being coached by Alex! She is so intuitive and very adept at creating a compassionate space for communication. Alex pushed me to view my inner and outer worlds in new ways, better ways, and in healing ways. Alex has a golden spirit which shines through immediately! I believe it’s one facet of her coaching superpower!''

– Ed

I worried that it would just be a waste of time but it was far from that! Talking through my concerns with Alex helped me see that there are indeed wonderful possibilities ahead. The meditation component helped me focus my energy the right way to really process what we discussed. I felt calm at the end. I had a better sense of what I need to do moving forward and I have this feeling that I'm on the right path.

– Adamilka Founder of

Simple. Healthy. Happy. 

I am

Alex Pinegger a . . .

. . . life long learner

Especially the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites me. I thrive in dynamic work environments and what could be more dynamic than your growth.

. . . your very personal problem solver

I enjoy the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what keeps you stuck and finding the pathway. Be it practical, conceptual or personal.

. . . visionary

“Wouldn’t it be great if . . .” I envision what the future holds for you. Let's peer over the horizon. It is so fascinating. It keeps pulling me forward, into tomorrow. And it can do the same for you.

. . . professional BFF

For me a relationship only has value if it is genuine. So my way to go is to entrust myself to you

. . . strategist

And I love to strategize, create alternative ways to proceed. I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues and sort through the clutter for you to find the best route.